Coinbase’s Scott Shapiro on Crypto Trading, Market Trends & More

•Scott Shapiro, Senior Director of Product Management at Coinbase, talks about current trends in advanced crypto trading, options trading in crypto and his experiences from working at Facebook and Google.
•He discusses how Advanced Trade on Coinbase is different from other advanced trading platforms as well as the features of Coinbase Advanced Trade.
•Shapiro also shares stories from his time at Facebook and Google.

About Scott Shapiro

Scott Shapiro is the Senior Director of Product Management at Coinbase, where he leads a team that builds Coinbase’s trading products for consumers. Crypto has been a passion since he first discovered bitcoin in 2013. This drove him to leave almost a decade of building advertising products at Facebook and Google to join Coinbase in 2019.

Highlights Of The Interview

Scott Shapiro gave a wide-ranging exclusive interview which you can use for publication provided there is a credit to He discussed:

  • How Advanced Trade on Coinbase is different from other advanced trading platforms
  • Current trends in advanced crypto trading
  • Options trading in crypto
  • Coinbase Advanced trade features
  • Stories from working at FaceBook and Google


Life In Utah And All Star Weekend

Scott Shapiro lives in beautiful Utah, one of the best snow capitals of the world that recently hosted All Star Weekend for the NBA – which used to be the best-on-best defense but now it’s just throwing threes everywhere on the court and doing some crazy dunks. He loves living in Utah because of its mountains and ease of getting around relatively quickly compared to big cities like San Francisco or New York City.

Advanced Trade On Coinbase Compared To Other Trading Platforms

Shapiro discussed how Advanced Trade on Coinbase differs from other advanced trading platforms – it allows users to move between their spot wallets and margin accounts quickly while providing an enhanced level of security with two factor authentication (2FA). Additionally, it provides both limit order types (which are orders placed above or below market prices) as well as market order types (which are executed immediately).

Current Trends In Crypto Trading And Options Trading In Crypto

Shapiro believes that current trends in crypto trading focus mainly on derivatives such as options contracts due to their flexibility when hedging against price fluctuations or taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities across multiple exchanges. Options contracts are becoming increasingly popular within the space due to its ability to provide leverage without having to actually own any underlying asset—a feature highly sought after by traders who want more control over their investments without having too much risk exposure associated with them..

Stories From Working At Facebook And Google Finally, Scott shared some stories from his time at Facebook and Google — highlighting how these tech giants operate differently than smaller companies like Coinbase when it comes to product development cycles and user testing processes.,