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Billionaire’s $150M Bitcoin Investment Suggests Growing Crypto Confidence

Overview of Recent Bitcoin Price Movement • Bitcoin reached its highest level in months on Wednesday, reaching $28,889. • After the announcement of a rate rise by the US Federal Reserve, Bitcoin dropped near $27,000 on Tuesday morning. • As a result of the CFTC lawsuit against Binance and its founder Changpeng Zhao, Bitcoin fell […]

Spanish Lawmaker Ditches Politics for Bitcoin: Beyond Bitcoin – Opportunities

• A Spanish lawmaker, Teodoro García Egea, is leaving politics to become a Bitcoin (BTC), altcoins, and blockchain guru. • He announced plans for publication of a book named „Cryptoeconomics: Beyond Bitcoin – Opportunities in the New Financial System“. • He will focus on helping adoption efforts for BTC and other tokens. Spanish Lawmaker Leaves […]

Coinbase’s Scott Shapiro on Crypto Trading, Market Trends & More

•Scott Shapiro, Senior Director of Product Management at Coinbase, talks about current trends in advanced crypto trading, options trading in crypto and his experiences from working at Facebook and Google. •He discusses how Advanced Trade on Coinbase is different from other advanced trading platforms as well as the features of Coinbase Advanced Trade. •Shapiro also […]

Bitcoin Jumps 3.2% as US CPI Data Boosts Crypto Market Hype

• Bitcoin (BTC) rose back above the $22,000 mark, following the release of US Consumer Price Index (CPI) statistics. • Ethereum, the second most valuable cryptocurrency, has also risen back above the $1,500 mark. • The growing popularity of Ordinals NFTs protocol and the launch of DBS crypto exchange has contributed to Bitcoin’s current rally. […]

Lido V2 Upgrade: Withdrawals, Staking Router & More for DeFi

• Lido, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, presented the proposal for Lido V2 upgrade which will bring in withdrawals and staking router. • BANXA Holdings integrated with MetaMask to enable users to purchase crypto through Interac. • Ramp announced off-ramp product to let businesses offer their customers a way to sell crypto. StarkWare partnered with […]

Binance Admits to Mixing Customer Funds With Exchange Collateral

• Binance, a major crypto exchange, has admitted to mistakenly mixing customer funds with collateral for Binance-issued tokens. • This was found by Jonathan Reiter, who noticed excessive over-collateralization of some B-Tokens and Binance’s use of the Binance 8 wallet. • A Binance spokesperson has said that assets held with the exchange have been and […]