The European industry is very active in nearly all fields of manufacturing production systems. Assembly of subsystems and systems is a production step that has to be executed for nearly all complex products. High automated assembly systems are often used to fulfil this task in series production. The cost for each product assembled on these systems is mainly influenced by the output performance. Loss of production due to system downtime as well as increased costs due to higher energy usage through wear, maintenance, labour and spare part costs for planned and unplanned maintenance are directly affecting the competitiveness of a company. Enhanced availability and the prevention of failures is one of the main economic factors for a premium assembly system and therefore can ensure that the end-user is willing to pay an adequate price.

The vision of SelSus is to create a new paradigm for highly effective, self-healing production resources and systems to maximise their performance over longer life times through highly targeted and timely repair, renovation and up-grading. These next generation machines, fixtures and tools will embed extended sensory capabilities and smart materials combined with advanced ICT for self-diagnosis enabling them to become self-aware and supporting self-healing production systems. Distributed diagnostic and predictive repair and renovation models will be embedded into smart devices to early prognosis failure modes and component degradations. Self-aware devices will built on synergetic relationship with their human operators and maintenance personnel through continuous pro-active communication to achieve real self-healing systems. This will drastically improve the resilience and long term sustainability of highly complex manufacturing facilities to foreseen and unforeseen disturbances and deteriorations thereby minimising energy and resource consumption and waste.