Beside the technical innovation and developments, Dissemination and also Exploitation is key for sustainable success. The consortium therefore aims at getting SelSus public whenever possible. For giving you the opportunity to share and discuss the SelSus ideas offline, please find following some public documents, being compiled in the context of SelSus.

  • SelSus - D1.1 Industrial requirements and use-case description
  • SelSus - D5.1 Definition of data necessary for running enhanced life cycle impact simulations
  • SelSus - D7.1 Self-healing devices demonstrator
  • SelSus - D7.2 Self-healing system demonstrator hardware
  • SelSus - D7.3 Factory demonstrator hardware and model
  • SelSus - D8.2 OutputMatrixStrategies
  • SelSus - D3.5 White paper on sensor clouds